How to Force Google to Recrawl Your Site

So you are a Web design company based in Chennai, India, and due to a technical glitch on your website or a virus attack you know that your website’s search rank has taken a hit. Well, the first thing to do is to clean up your act and get these errors fixed. Once you are done with this you got to wait for Google to recrawl your website, right? Actually not. There are ways you can force Googlebot into re crawling your website sooner than later.

The SEO Company in Chennai can force Google to recrawl its fixed website with the help of the recently launched "Submit URL to Index" feature. Here is how it works:

  1. If you have a web monitoring tool to analyze the effectiveness of your Website design you should watch out for any notifications that you may receive that alert you to any errors that a Google crawl faces.

  2. Once the Web design company is alerted to the error it can quickly use its software development resources to weed out the errors with the help of some quick troubleshooting.

  3. Having fixed the error the Website design company is faced with the task of getting Google to recrawl their website to restore its PageRank. It is here that the “Submit URL to Index” feature comes into play.

  4. The first step is to submit the URLs using "Fetch as Googlebot" feature. This basically tests whether Google would face any error while fetching the designated URL.
  5. It is critical from the SEO company perspective to get a positive report. Once it is found that Google can access the website design company can then submit the URLs for a recrawl.